A thorough home inspection between tenants can prevent nasty disputes and can protect your interests as a landlord.

If your tenants are moving out, you will want to make sure they are leaving the property in great shape. We have inspected hundreds of tenanted properties in Tulsa, and we know where to shine the light to find defects. The more defects we find, the more money you can save in repairs, as you can easily hold your tenant accountable for the damages incurred.

We will provide a detailed home inspection report to help you evaluate the worth of repairs and recoup the amount from your tenant’s security deposit.

Our Move in Move out inspection works both ways. If you are moving into a property but not sure if the previous tenant has left the property in an inhabitable state, use our home inspection to learn about the property’s exact condition before moving in.

Depending on the defects and shortcomings we might find in the property, you can ask your landlord to get the repairs done or demand concession in terms of security deposit.

Our Move-in Move-out inspections are thorough yet strictly non-invasive, which means no physical changes will be made to the property during the course of the inspection.