At Solid Rock  Inspections LLC, we aim to ensure maximum client satisfaction by providing a thorough inspection, which covers every nook and corner of the property. We aim to find as many defects as possible, so you can make a sound buying decision.

However, if there are areas that you want us to scrutinize in particular, you can have add-ons with your standard home inspection package. Two of the most common add-ons that our clients request are:

Roof Inspection

We can provide a standalone roof inspection or as an add-on with your standard package to give you detailed insights. We look for leaks, missing shingles, broken flashings, moisture traps, and other wear and tear signs. We will also inspect the attic area for mold and other issues that might have occurred due to a defect in the roof.

Sewer scope

After moving into your new home, you don’t want to deal with a blocked sewer and the filth that lingers long after the repairs have been performed. Therefore, you will want to make sure there are no blockages or pipe damage in the first place, as repairing these can cost a fortune and a lot of time. 

Using our advanced sewer scoping techniques, we can discover issues in the sewer line, which may not be evident otherwise.

If there’s anything else that you want to draw our attention to, let us know at the start of the inspection.